Who needs to know?

Elizabeth Edwards is being criticized for not telling anyone about her husband’s affair, for standing by him and choosing to stay in their 30 year marriage.

Am I the only one going, “…What?!”

Regardless of how you feel about what John Edwards did, this is still, at the root, a private matter.  He violated hertrust, much more than he violated anyone else’s.  If this were the CEO of Widgets, Inc and his wife, no one would give a shit.  The employees wouldn’t wonder if they could trust him, the stockholders wouldn’t sell off their shares because they don’t trust him.  His wife, and his wife alone, would be the only one able to forgive him his misdeed.  The only person’s trust he violated was hers, the only contract he violated was the one he had with her.

Yes, you can argue that Edwards violated The People’s trust in him as a representative of them and as a leader.  But that is something he did, not something she did.  Did she violate The People’s trust?  Absolutely not.  You can argue that he (and she) hid it from the public in order to avoid losing all political aspirations.  But consider yourself.  If your husband confided that he had an affair, and you discussed it and decided to forgive him, who would you tell?  Maybe your kids, if they were of an age that they could be told.  Maybe a few close friends, to discuss it.  A therapist, certainly.  But would you tell your husbands boss?  Or the people he manages?  Do you tell strangers on the street?  Do you take out an ad on a bulletin board to make sure the whole world knows?


2 responses to “Who needs to know?

  1. *stands up and applauds*
    Excellent post, you hit it right on the head!

  2. great post.. Mrs.Edwards owes me nothing. But John might.