What do sex and volleyball have in common?

If done on the beach, you end up with sand in uncomfortable places.  (Like the back of a Volkswagen – and if you get that reference, mega-props to you.)

I’ve been watching quite a bit of the Olympics this year.  I think it’s because the time it’s on is just about perfect.  When the games are held in the States, everything happens while I’m at work, and I’ve learned who won before I get a chance to see it.  And knowing the ending really does lessen the enjoyment of the event, especially in sports.  But Beijing is 12 hours ahead in time, which means I start watching TV exactly when they start playing the games.  It’s perfect – except that I’ve had to force myself to turn off the TV before I end up watching it until 2am.  That’s the downside.  I’ve decided those on the west coast actually have it better.

Big surprise, I’ve been watching a lot of swimming and gymnastics.  But I’ve also gotten pulled into diving this year, and beach volleyball.  Those US chicks are amazing players.  While watching, though, I always have to wonder why they wear bikinis.  Just as I was thinking, “Don’t they get sand in their suits, diving around in the sand like that?”, Misty May-Treanor stands up, hesitates, then sticks a finger under the hem of her suit to dump a load of sand out.  She has to risk showing the world her…stuff…in order to be comfortable.  Nobody should have to do that.

I’ve been on the beach enough in my life to know that, regardless of anything you try to do to prevent it, sand gets everywhere.  It ends up in the car, in the shower, in the suitcase that never got within 100 feet of sand.  And boy, does it ever get into a bathing suit.  So really, using that logic, a bikini might be the best option – less material for sand to get under.  The cynic in me doesn’t believe that’s the reasoning, or else why don’t the men play in less clothes?  I could understand if it was conducive to the sport, that wearing a bikini made you more aerodynamic, or gives you better flexibility.  But obviously that’s not the case, or men would wear something similar.  So it is just sexist?  Some think that women wear bikinis during matches because that’s the only way men will watch the sport, if they get to see a scantily clad woman with a great butt.  I guess that might be true, but I’ve watched more women’s beach volleyball than men’s beach volleyball, and it’s not for the eye candy.  Maybe if the guys left less to the imagination, I’d watch more.  That’s something I’d like to see – a man in tight short shorts and no shirt, diving into the sand.  Mmmmmm…

It is, in fact, regulation, that women’s “uniforms” must be no wider than two and a half inches wide at the hip.  Women can opt to wear a one-piece, but few do.  Men’s regulation uniform is shorts and a t-shirt.  Why?  Why can’t women wear shorts?  I understand that they have what it takes to flaunt it, but what if they don’t want to? They don’t have much of a choice.  And you can be sure there is no Afghani Women’s Beach Volleyball team.  Can you imagine?

Incidentally, I’m not the only one wondering about this.  See articles here, here, here, here, and here.


2 responses to “What do sex and volleyball have in common?

  1. I just talked with my Dad about this! With other sports, I can totally see why a specific type of suit would be conducive – like with swimming, certain suits are more aerodynamic. But… you can’t be aerodynamic in sand. And if it had anything to do with that, the men would be wearing skimpy outfits too. (And I’d love to watch that.)

    I’m with you – I think the women’s beach volleyball is more interesting to watch, and it’s not for the eye candy. But I’d really like to see a better suit for the women.

  2. I totally agree with you. Why can’t the women wear shorts!