I got nothin’

Nothing to talk about, really.  Life has been crazy-busy, and I’m just trying to stay afloat. Training for the new job this week, while still doing my old job, trying to catch up and clean up before shoveling it off to someone else. 

Things with The Pilot are going well.  I’m letting my match subscription lag a little bit, although he admits to logging on “just to look at” my picture.  I don’t know if he’s still looking at other girls, but it’s kind of sweet, regardless.  He was in Seattle earlier this week and brought back some fresh salmon (like, 20 pounds of it – no really, I’m not kidding, he had a huge box of salmon filets), so he grilled some up last night and we had some wine.  It was lovely.

I know, I probably sound…bored, or something.  That’s not the case, not at all.  I’m doing my damndest to be open and honest, with both him and myself, while not being needy, and at the same time not pulling away.  It’s a very hard balancing act for me.  This is about the time that I freak out a little at getting too close, so I jerk back, thus alienating the would-be suitor.  So I’m trying to relax, take it easy, lay back, and enjoy the ride.

I like him.  I enjoy being with him.  He’s not perfect – far from it.  And we’re both Aries – bad combination.  Doomed from the beginning…if you believe in that sort of thing.

But…we’ll see.


One response to “I got nothin’

  1. Let it flow, girl. It sounds like you’ve got a good thing going on.