Mile High Fun

Well, I have officially been on the coolest date EVER.

I saw The Pilot Monday night, and he had been out flying with a friend of his.  (Did I mention he owns his own plane?  Just a small two-seater, but still cool.)  He said the weather was great, and it was supposed to be good weather again on Tuesday.  “Would you like to go flying?”

Are you kidding?  Would I!!!!

So, I took off work an hour early (my boss totally understood) and we went out to Lincolnton to the airstrip.  We took a little tour of Lake Norman, then turned west and headed for Asheville.  He asked me, “You doing okay?”  “Yep.”  And he dipped the plane a bit, forcing my stomach into my throat.  “Hey!”  He laughed.  “Well, at least I made sure you were doing okay first.  Didn’t want you to throw up all over my plane.”  “It’s okay if you do that, just warn a girl first!” 

Flying over Lake Norman

Flying over Lake Norman

We passed over Lake Lure, which is where they filmed Dirty Dancing (you learn something new every day!), and then we passed by Chimney Rock.  I missed the picture of it, but this was taken right past there:

Taken by Chimney Rock

Taken by Chimney Rock

Landed in Asheville, and the airport had a courtesy car for our use – a brand new Escalade.  We drove to downtown Asheville and had dinner at Tupelo Honey, and as we’re waiting for a table I said to him, “It’s like a mini-vacation.”  He had never looked at it that way before, and he nodded and said, “You know, you’re right!”  I mean, I was at work at 3:30, and at 6 I’m a tourist having dinner in a city 120 miles away!

After dinner we went back to the airport and took off, just in time to watch the sun set over the mountains.

Sunset over the mountains

It was so fun, and I still can’t stop grinning.  I’ve been giddy for two days.  I mean, how do you top that?   

In the air

Next time, I think we’re going to the beach! 🙂




6 responses to “Mile High Fun

  1. I’ll go to the beach with you guys. I’d let you sit on my lap 🙂

  2. I am so totally impressed. What an awesome date! You have to marry him now, because he has ruined it for all guys after him. Awesome.

  3. Wow, that’s really cool. I love Asheville and write a blog about all things Asheville and WNC related. If you’re interested, it’s Tupelo Honey is actually my favorite restaurant – just ate lunch there today in fact! Hope you enjoyed your mini-vacation there 🙂

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  5. Partner of a Pilot

    I’ll never forget the first time Bf took me flying either! He did a similar thing to me. He actually let me take the controls, and told me that whatever I did-I must not touch the foot pedals, and just to make sure I flew straight and level…

    So there I am thinking that the stick is the only directional control, and assuming that like in a car) the foot pedals are associated with thrust/propulsion…

    Well, the plane started veering off course majorly, and he says “erm, just keep it staight, that’d be great”

    I was freaking out, because the plane was turning, and nothing I could do would stop it turning. I thought I’d broken the plane, and we were going to crash and die… He knew exactly what I was thinking, and sat there and let me panic to the point where I started crying and screaming before he admitted that the foot controls were for the rudder which also controlled the direction!

    A dirty trick to play on his new beloved! The rat!

    When we came in to land, he said “Please don’t tell anyone on the ground about the trick I played on you? It would probably be frowned upon”

    It was an amazing experience though! I still have it all on video!

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