In some cultures, an arranged marriage has more to do with connections or money than what is actually best for the two people getting married.  But here, in The Land of the Free, why not consider having your friends and family pick a husband or wife for you?  Who knows you better, who cares about you and your happiness more?  Probably even more than you do, sometimes.

I vaguely remember this story from 10 years ago.  A man had set his wedding date, but didn’t have a bride.  He and his friends did a commercial and a website, the press picked up the story, and he received 300 applications to be his wife.  The number was whittled down, women were interviewed by his family and friends, and voila – he had himself a bride.  Ten years and three kids later, they’re still together.

I don’t know if I would go so far as a marriage, but certainly I can see dating someone my friends and family picked out.  New reality show:  think The Bachelorette, but her family and friends get to pick the top 15 or so candidates, and then she whittles it down.  Actually, I wonder if it’s possible to do this myself.  Seriously, it would save me from the mind-numbing torture of having to weed through the crap that is dating.  Is there a dating website somewhere, like Match, specifically designed for family and friends to find dates for their loved ones? This is genius!  Anyone want to help me design a website?



3 responses to “Arranged?

  1. I would be terrified if my parents could pick potential mates for me. Abso-fucking-lutely terrified.

  2. delightfuleccentric

    🙂 I have pretty cool parents, I don’t think they would do too shabby of a job. And, of course, my friends would do well, I think.

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