It’s (still) such a small, small world

I recently read an article about a message in a bottle found at Fripp Island, in South Carolina.  It was sent 13 years ago – from Edisto Beach SC.  13 years, and it traveled less than 20 miles, as the crow flies.  Who knows where all it went in those 13 years – maybe it went all the way to Africa and back.  But how insane is it that it ended up so close to where it was thrown out, after such a long time?  When is someone going to send out a GPS in a bottle, so we can track its progress?  That’s a science project, waiting to happen. 

I have a friend who used to work for this small start up company in town.  She no longer works there, hasn’t in over a year now.  About four months ago, at a dinner party Scottsdale had, I met one of Scottsdale’s coworkers’ husband, who, it turned out, worked at this small company.  How random!  Then a couple of weeks later I found out that one of my old coworkers’ boyfriend worked at the same small company.  I couldn’t believe it!  I mean, here I am, in a city with the two largest financial institutions in the country, employing probably 25% of the city, and I now know just as many people who work for the banks as I do people who work at this 50-employee business.  And then, on my Ethiopian Restaurant date, I found out Frisbee Boy works for the same company!  I know 4 people who work at a company with 50 employees, and I probably know 4 people who work for a corporation with 10,000 employees.  Crazy, right?

I had a date the other night with this guy…I’ve been calling him The Non-Alcoholic.  Now, I generally don’t bother to respond to men who say they don’t drink.  I don’t know why I emailed this guy.  Maybe because he actually emailed me, instead of winking, so I tend to give that a little more effort.  Anyway, I went out with this guy, and I was telling D at work about him the next day.  His name is The Non-Alcoholic, he works at The Bank, yadda yadda.  And suddenly, she starts asking me questions.  How tall?  What color hair?  What does he drive?  I told her, a sedan of some sort.  “Oh, never mind, the guy I know drives a Land Rover.”  (pause).  I said, “He mentioned that he used to have a Land Rover, but we had been joking around, so I wasn’t sure if he was serious.”  D says, “Ohmigod, that’s the guy that my fiance knows, the one he wanted to fix you up with!  He lived in Texas for a while,” she said, still trying to confirm.  I said, “And Manhattan,” kind of freaking out. “YES!”  And yeah, it’s him. 

Small world.

(The Non-Alcoholic, btw, listed “I don’t drink alcohol” on the drop down menu about drinking habits.  However, on our first date, he was drinking beer.  I didn’t ask at that point, but I will in the future.  My reasoning behind not normally responding to men who drink is simple.  Social drinking is ingrained in me.  I would feel guilty being in a room full of friends, all of us drinking, and my man sitting there drinking water.  I know that sounds stupid, but it’s really difficult to explain.  Also, I have to wonder why he doesn’t drink.  Is it because he’s an alcoholic?  Did he get his license taken away for drunk driving?  Is he super religious?  Does he have some medical condition?  Or is it that his dad was an alcoholic, and he wants to be nothing like him?  Or because vodka doesn’t mix well with heroin?  Or because he’s a control freak and doesn’t want the loss of control?  Yes, I could easily ask these questions, but you see how much effort it takes.  And it’s really not worth it before the second date.)

Have you ever experience the Small World Phenomenon?


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