I’ve been itching to travel to Europe, and it all kind of came to a head this weekend.  I need to stop waiting for the right time, and just go.  And I need to stop waiting for someone to travel with, because that’s not going to happen.  My single friends can’t afford it, or are too afraid to fly, and my married friends…well, obviously if they’re going overseas, they’re going to go with their hubbies.  I could always take my mom’s advice and travel with my sister, but I think one of us would end up dead.  And my money’s on her.  She may act tough, but I could stomp her down while reading a book about Gandhi.  And I would, I know, because she would drive me crazy.  Mom says it would be a bonding experience.  I’m thinking they would need to post bond to get me out of a foreign prison.

So, I’m thinking a Tour of Italy, including Rome, Venice, Naples, and Florence, or Spain, including Barcelona, Basque Country, Madrid, and Gibralter.  It’s kind of funny – I always figured I would make my first European trip to the UK, because at least then I wouldn’t have to worry about the language barrier.  But, screw it.  I want to experience more.

So I posted to Craigslist, to see if I could find a travel partner.  Someone local who I can meet up with, to make sure we’re compatible.  I’m crossing my fingers, because my sister may be my last resort.  (Yes, I know, I can travel alone, but it’s so much cheaper when you can split the hotel cost.)

Anyone have any advice on where I should go, what I should do, where I should eat?  I love good food, and am always willing to try something new or different, so even if you point me to a hole in the wall, I’ll probably try it!


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  1. I’ll totally go to Italy with you. Sure, I won’t be able to have wild vacation sex – but that’s okay! I’ll just get more sleep. 🙂 I’m jealous of your future trip, even though I know I just went in the fall. I think you should try couchsurfing while you are there. It’s really fun and a great way to meet the locals. And it’s free! Let me know if you want more details, I’ll be happy to explain it to you – Jon and I have couchsurfed several times and met a lot of cool people in Europe.

  2. Like your new layout!

  3. I met a woman who owns a company in Charlotte called Nada’s Italy. She’s from Italy and hosts tours, teaches cooking classes and teaches Italian. She’s very nice and I bet she either has a trip you would love or could give some info to point you in a direction. Web site is

    I’ve actually been wanting to take Italian classes with her, for several years now, and I know she does the trips to Italy. I’m definitely planning on checking it out, especially if it ends up just being me!