Getting away with murder

I got sucked into one of those LMN movies, Lies My Mother Told Me, with Hayden Panettiere.  In the movie, this woman killed her husband, and (surprise) didn’t get away with it.  What went wrong?  Well, first mistake, she involved someone else.  Second, she buried the body RIGHT next to a creek, on a rainy night, in a grave that was all of TWO feet deep, maybe.  Third, she never reported her husband as missing – she told everyone he just took off. 

Seriously, why can’t people kill people and dispose of bodies correctly?  Not that I’ve put a TON of thought into it, but I know I could do a better job than that.  I’ve heard of people having to write papers about how they would kill someone and, although I’ve never actually written one, I’ve always wanted to.  But I’m afraid someone will end up dead, and it’ll already be in writing!!

I decided to see what I could dig up on the internet, because (as previously discussed) you really can find anything on the internet.  OneTwoThreeFour.

Oh, and here’s an article about 8 ways to kill somone with an iPod nano.

Of course, one way to make sure you get caught is by googling “how to get away with murder” and then blogging about it.  But it could also be an elaborate plan – “But officer, why would I blog about it and then do it?  That would be stupid!”

(BTW, when you google “how to get away with murder,” one name keeps popping up.  His name is reminiscent of a breakfast juice.  In fact, I believe his nickname might be The Juice…)


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