The food was better than the date

I had a first date Friday night, Frisbee Boy. In email we seemed to get along well.  Then we spoke on the phone last Wednesday to make dinner plans, and he seemed…distracted.  Conversation was awkward.  But I thought, maybe he’s just distracted.  So we made dinner plans for Friday night, to go to the local Ethiopian restaurant.  I was excited, as I’ve never had Ethiopian food before. 

The food was definitely the highlight of the meal.  The conversation did not flow, and it seemed that I was spending a lot of time trying to make conversation.  I’m very conscious of silence, because most people will rush to fill the silence.  Knowing that, I try to sit back and let the other person fill it.  He didn’t.  So, it was either stare at each other in silence, or stare at the decor.  I chose the decor.  But that only held so much.  (Don’t get me wrong – I did my share of filling the silence.  I just wasn’t interested in doing all the work.)

The food was good – it was nothing that through me over the moon, and I probably won’t go back “just because,” but I’d eat it again.  We had a veggie sample platter and a meat sample platter, which was just about the perfect amount of food.  I loved the carrot & green bean mix, as well as the collared greens.  There was also this cabbage and potato thing that was good, but wasn’t cut up into bite size pieces.  As for the meat dishes, there was a good lamb dish, and a beef dish that was spicy as heck, but there were two “purees” that I couldn’t identify.  They were good, I just don’t know what they were.   There are no utensils – instead you are served a bread called Injera, and you tear off pieces of it and scoop up the food that way.  The bread is kind of like a crepe – they fold it into quarters, and one side is kind of spongy, while the other is flat, with crispy edges – just like a crepe. 

Here’s a couple of links for you, as an introduction to Ethiopian food:



One response to “The food was better than the date

  1. I’ve always wondered – who pays for the date? Do you eat pay for your own meal? I’m sorry Frisbee Boy wasn’t a better conversationalist. Why does it seem some people are so witty and charming online and then can’t put two sentences together in person? I find that frustrating.
    And I’m also a person that rushes to fill up the silence in conversation. So I end up talking ALL THE TIME. I’m trying harder lately to just sit back and relax.