Missed Connections…Or, What if it’s Fate stepping in to save you?

I don’t believe I’ve discussed this guy before, as I don’t really have a name for him.  Perhaps we’ll call him Fate Boy.  The first communication came in early February, when he winked at me.  I thought he was kind of blah, but I was willing to give it a shot, so I winked back.

(Side note – usually, if I’m interested in a guy that winks at me, I don’t bother to wink back, I go ahead and email him.  Winks are kind of…passive.  So the fact that I simply winked at this guy tells me (as I look back at this three months later) that there really wasn’t anything particularly interesting about him.)

He emailed me, and we proceeded to swap a couple of emails over the next few days, and then I think I gave him my phone number.  He left me a voicemail.  I left him a voicemail.  He left me a voicemail.  And here’s where I turn into a bit of a ditz – I’m fairly certain I called him back and left him a voicemail, but I couldn’t swear on it at this point.  Regardless, we never connected, and I was kind of in burnout mode anyway with Match, so it didn’t really bother me all that much.

Fast forward two months, to early April.  He emailed me on Match, saying that he was sorry he hadn’t heard back from me.  I replied (read previous paragraph about what I thought I did and my burnout), and we swapped a couple of emails.  He was about to get off Match, but he wanted to meet up.  Sure, I said, call me. 

He called me – and got my voicemail.  I called him, left him a voicemail.  He called me, voicemail.  I called him, voicemail.  (It is here that I would like to mention that I made very special note to myself that I did, in fact leave him a voicemail.  I heard the beep, I left a message, I hung up, and I thought to myself – I know I left a message this time, ball’s in his court.)

And that was that.  No return call, I was so sick of it at that point, that I didn’t care.  And my personal belief is that we were fated not to connect.  Simple, end of story.

And then…

(No and then!) 🙂

Sorry, And then…

I went out tonight with several friends to an outdoor gathering uptown.  We stood around talking and drinking for a couple of hours, then went to grab a bite to eat.  While at the restaurant, I got a text…from Fate Boy.  Following is our conversation…via text.

FateBoy:  Hey! how was <the outdoor event uptown>?  sorry i never heard back from u! <FateBoy>! hope u r well!
Delightful:  Last i know, i left you a vm.  Just bad timing i guess!
FateBoy:  R u guys still out?

(Obviously this guy saw me at some point in time tonight, and it’s about this point that I realize he is probably in the restaurant I am in.  Sadly, for the life of me I can’t remember what this guy looks like, but I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, thus giving myself the opportunity to scan the people there to see if I recognize him, and giving him the opportunity to approach me.  Neither happened.)

Delightful:  Yes.  I think i am leaving soon.  hope you had a good night
FateBoy:  Can i try calling u again?
Delightful:  I don’t know.  I’m kind of thinking it’s a sign that we never connected.
FateBoy:  Good point! take care! 🙂
FateBoy:  U will always wonder what could have been! c u out & about!
Delightful:  Maybe next time you see me your should say hello
FateBoy:  True! i will! when will i c u again?
Delightful:  Who knows?

Forget the excessive exclamation marks in his texts – WTF?  I try to keep myself open to possibilities, and who’s to say this isn’t the man I’m supposed to marry??  But seriously, at this point, I’m thinking SOMETHING is intent on keeping us apart.  The least of which is his unwillingness to approach me in person and say hello.

I don’t know – I’m really kind of pissy about the whole thing.  I hate just ignoring people/texts/emails, I try to be a better person than that, to be slightly more mature than that.  But maybe I should have heeded my friends advice:  “Don’t reply.”  And this was from a good male friend, one that hears all my juicy dating gossip (you would think he was gay – he’s not).

At what point do you stop being “a nice person” and start being a pushover who should know better?

2 responses to “Missed Connections…Or, What if it’s Fate stepping in to save you?

  1. Hmm…it could be that he wasn’t in the same restaurant and thus couldn’t stop over and say hello. or he could be intimidated at the thought of approaching you while you’re with a circle of girlfriends. And also, maybe he got the hint when you said “i think it’s a sign we never connected”. If I got that text, I would think it was a polite way of giving me the brush off.

  2. Jill Staples

    Well, sounds like this was a “broken connection”! I’ve become a recent huge missed connections fan. When that spark happens and it’s for real, do something about it. If you can’t or are shy, try a site like http://www.chancedit.com. I just hate having regrets! Good luck in your search Delightful!