Out with the old, In with the new

I feel the need to do a little bit of catch up on the dating scene.  Things have been really slow lately.  There was a time, in the height of the Scottsdale era, that I thought about terming my match subscription.  I kind of let it slide for a while (didn’t log on for about three weeks), but I never really felt that I was ready to give my all.  Who knows, maybe that was the death of it, as has happened to me in the past.  But whatever.  The point I’m trying to make is that my dating life has been slow in part because of my lack of effort. 

Out with the old:

Let’s see…Scottsdale.  We had dinner last Saturday – so, what, 11 days ago.  It was pretty boring.  We exchanged a couple of tests on Sunday, and he ended up saying that he was sorry he had been AWOL lately, that work had been crazy and that he had been missing his family, and he was feeling antisocial.  Fine.  I’ve been there.  I didn’t hear from him most of the week, and I called him and left him a voicemail, I think on Wednesday.  I didn’t hear back from him until Friday, when he called (and got my voicemail) and said that he didn’t see that I had called or left a message until just then.  (Yeah, right, I’ve used that excuse before.)  I went to a crawfish boil on Saturday (YUM!) and texted him to see if he had found a place to watch the Derby.  He said he was just going to stay home, and asked what I was doing the next day (Sunday).  I replied that I didn’t have any plans.  He texted that maybe we could go see a movie, and he would call me on Sunday (this past Sunday).  Then I got a text from him Sunday morning saying that he had gotten a free ticket to the golf tournament, but that he would call me later.

Wednesday, 10pm, and I still haven’t heard from him.  I’m done.

In with the new:

I had a date last night, the first first date I’ve had in a while.  It went well.  Of course, I tend to “interview” well, and that includes first dates.  So we’ll see.  He has been dubbed The Pilot, as he is (duh) a pilot for one of the major airlines.  We met for drinks, and had a good conversation.  He seemed interested in a second date.  So we’ll see. 

That’s it.  That’s all I’ve got.  More to come…I hope.

4 responses to “Out with the old, In with the new

  1. you’re right. Scottsdale is a spineless ass. here’s hoping things progress with the Pilot. do friends get buddy passes? 🙂 See you Saturday!!

    Delightful says: It’s so funny – everyone I tell that I had a date with a pilot, they go, “oooohhh. Do you get to fly for free?” Funny, the values we hold dear!!

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