Guarantee – my a$$

I made it through 6 months on  So I got 6 months free.  Actually, although I’m kind of happy I was able to “screw” match on that one, it’s really not much of a victory.  Woo-hoo, I get 6 more months of the same crap.  Can’t wait!!

BTW, can someone please tell me what this means: “Never loses itself never one wins alone one learns”.  It’s a tag line for some guy on match that winked at me, and let me tell you, the profile doesn’t get any better.  What is with men who can’t spell or write a somewhat-grammatically-correct profile or email?  Haven’t they ever heard about first impressions?  If it were a resume and I was a hiring manager, I would be even pickier than I have been.  And, really, it’s essentially the same thing, isn’t it?


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