Mr. Big

My married friends may not get this.  My guy friends will certainly not get this.  But my single girlfriends?  They’ll get it.

Something was brought to my attention a couple of months ago, as I was talking to a friend about a guy.  She broke in and said, with insight, “He’s your Big.”

I stopped, stunned.  Oh my God.  She was totally right.  I had never realized that before. 

Now, just to set the record straight, I was never a Big girl.  I was an Aidan girl, all the way.  I never got the whole Big thing.  I always felt so sorry for Carrie, as he was commitment-phobic and incredibly emotionally unavailable (two descriptions that are used hundreds of times every day to help women get over the men they are infatuated with, I’m sure).  Aidan was…awesome.  Yummy.  Sweet, kind, caring, willing to step in front of a bus for Carrie.  Even today, I see him in other roles, and swoon as I sigh, “Aidan.”

I digress.  It was recently brought to my attention that I have a Mr. Big in my life.  And I have a whole new appreciation for what Carrie went through. 

I’ll quote Wikipedia here:  “The final episode leaves the audience with a feeling of hope towards relationships. If Mr. Big, the epitome of the player that every woman hopes she can change, is able to rescue Carrie in Paris and live happily ever after, maybe all the other “Mr. Bigs” out there can do it too.”

I don’t know that I want my Big in the end.  I’m still in that emotional angst in the middle, which is heartbreaking in a way.  But who knows – in several years we might be in Paris.

Who else has a Mr. Big in their lives?  I know of at least one person.


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