Buying Jeans

I think most women will agree with me when I say, buying jeans is one of the hardest things to do.  Before you read the rest of this post, answer this question:  On a good day, when you take five pairs of jeans into the fitting room, how many actually fit well?  In the past, I’d say I was damn lucky if one pair fit.  They were either too long, they gapped in the back when I sat down (I hate that!), they’re too low-waisted, they’re too high-waisted, I couldn’t get them over my hips, I couldn’t zip them up, or they hung off me like mom-jeans.  In fact, I think I prefer trying on bathing suits to jeans, and that’s saying a lot.

Now, I have only recently realized, at 31, that jeans should actually fit too tight when you’re trying them on.  They loosen up over the course of the day, and then they end up too baggy.  Add to my new-found knowledge, I haven’t bought jeans in well over a year – my newest pair is a hand-me-down from a friend, in a size smaller than I thought I wore.  But, once I wear them for a couple of hours, they sag.  With these two thoughts on my mind, I grabbed several styles and sizes while out shopping today.  I had a size 4, three size 6’s, and a size 8.  However, when I went to the fitting room, there was a line 10 people deep. 

Screw this, I thought.  I’ll take them home and try them on there- that’s what a return policy is for.

I got home and tried on the first pair.  Hm, they fit pretty well.  Second pair – awesome, they fit great.  Third pair…these…fit…too… Fourth pair…um, kind of freaking out now… Fifth pair…holy crap.

ALL FIVE PAIRS FIT ME PERFECTLY.  I mean, they’re a bit on the tight side, but according to the aforementioned realization, that’s a good thing.  And they’re not “lay down on the bed and suck your gut in” tight – I’m perfectly capable of zipping them up without any contortions.  I can get them all over my hips without the “shimmy-shake,” they don’t gap in the back, and the length on all is just about perfect – really insane considering I grabbed two Petite and three Regular length.

I feel like I’m in some weird alternate reality.  I called a friend of mine, and she didn’t fully appreciate it, so I called my mom.  She’s as amazed as I am, and suggests I go buy a lotto ticket.  The stars must be aligned!!  That’s good, because it’s the beginning of my birthday week.  Hopefully the rest of the week will go just as well! 🙂


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