Dating- er, I mean Job Searching

Ever notice how similar the two are?  You spend an hour writing two paragraphs, crafting your words just so, trying to convince the person that you are THE person they are searching for, then you close your eyes really tight, hit send, and take a deep breath.

And then check your inbox to see if they’ve responded yet.

Yeah, you never thought of it that way, did ya?

Wish me luck…on both counts.

One response to “Dating- er, I mean Job Searching

  1. yes! i have noticed this, too. there is the new and exciting period at the beginning, and then you settle in and become attached. after awhile, it starts to annoy you a little, but you stick it through. eventually it becomes something similar to an abusive relationship you can’t get out of, because you’ve invested so much already, and you’d really miss everyone. but it treats you like crap! so you rip off the band aid and go for it all over again. at least there’s money involved.