Pink Cashmere Sweater

I used to have this Pink Cashmere Sweater.  I loved my Pink Cashmere Sweater, but I couldn’t admit it to myself, or to anyone else, and certainly not to my Pink Cashmere Sweater.  Think of the hold it would have over me!  But then I lost my Pink Cashmere Sweater.  I decided I wanted it back.  But I couldn’t find it.  So I moved on.

Then, one day, I found my Pink Cashmere Sweater again.  But, oddly, I didn’t feel the same about it.  I liked it well enough, really, but I was no longer enthralled with it.  So I would wear it every once in a while, but it was just another piece of clothing.  In the end, I ended up giving my Pink Cashmere Sweater away.

But the problem is, I still see the Pink Cashmere Sweater, now worn by someone else, and I want it back.  Logically, I know the Pink Cashmere Sweater is not right for me, and I know that if I did have it back, it would probably clash with everything else I own.  But that doesn’t stop me from wanting it.

The worst part of all is that I see things all the time that remind me of the Pink Cashmere Sweater.  Sometimes, when I see a black pantsuit, the cut will remind me of the Pink Cashmere Sweater.  Of course, if I see a pink sundress, it reminds me of the Pink Cashmere Sweater.  And, oh, I’ll see a pair of shoes that I know would go perfectly with the Pink Cashmere Sweater.  My Pink Cashmere Sweater is everywhere I turn, which makes thing…difficult.  I have a hard time buying a new Cashmere Sweater, because I’m still so enchanted with my Pink one.

What’s a girl to do?  The only thing she can do, of course.  Move on, and try not to think about the Pink Cashmere Sweater.  It’s no longer mine, and I’m not getting it back, and if by some odd chance I did get it back, it wouldn’t be the same – all misshapen from the new girl wearing it.

I just wish the collar of the lime green shirtdress in the window didn’t make me smile sadly, reminding me of the Pink Cashmere Sweater.


3 responses to “Pink Cashmere Sweater

  1. yeah, so I have this feeling we’re not really talking about a sweater…

  2. What you really need is to get into a lime green or a black cashmere sweater. The best way to get over one is to wear a new one around town for a bit. Show that girl who got your old sweater that you have a new one and you’re better off.

    Or! Parade around with no sweater at all and look happy about it. After all, it’s spring, who needs sweaters anyway? 😉

  3. delightfuleccentric

    You know what they say, Once you go Lime… 😉