Texting, Revisited

I hate texting.  I think of texting as a necessary evil in CERTAIN circumstances – for instance, it’s great if you’re at a concert, or if you know the person is busy at work and you just want to send the quick “I’m thinking of you” text.  I love those.  But I agree with this post:  “If your texting session lasts more than 4 back and forths, YOU NEED TO PUT DOWN THE PS3, PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE AND MAKE A CALL.”  Amen, sister.

I’ve been dumped via text…via DRUNK text at 2am to be precise.  I stared at the phone for a full minute before texting back, “Are you f&%^ing kidding me?”  I’ve had “The Talk” via text – or, at least, he attempted to have The Talk via text.  I was having none of it.  And I’ve had Text Sex – which may be fine in a progressed relationship, but certainly not on a first date.

One thing I just LOVE (note the sarcasm) is when I’ve been emailing someone on Match, and they ask for my phone number so they can talk to me.  I give it to them, and then I get…a text message.  Excuse me?  Why would you text me after emailing me and asking me for my phone number so you can “take it to the next level”?  Why not just continue emailing me? At least with email you can write full complete sentences with tons of thought behind them.  No, you want to text me – “hey how r u?”  I’m sorry, I have better things to do with my time.


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