Lyle Lovett is a smart man

Rules from a Texas Gentleman

“The first rule of manhood is that they are in charge.  Give it up.  Realize that they’re smarter and better looking.  We don’t have a chance.”

“Women always go through the door first.  Even ardent feminists would admit it’s nice.  It’s not an acknowledgment of women as the weaker sex; it’s perhaps an acknowledgment of women as the stronger sex.  We follow.”

 “There’s etiquette to listening:  If they’re talking, shut up.  Just shut up.  Simple enough?”

“Never order for a woman.  You’re going to tell a woman what to eat?  Never tell a woman anything.  Ask.  And be grateful for whatever reply you might get.”

For those who always wondered what the hell Julia Roberts saw in Lyle Lovett – this may explain it some.

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