What are YOU looking for?

I’ve said it before – you can find pretty much anything on the internet.  What EVER did we do without it?  How did we survive?  I know we did – I can remember not having the internet.  But HOW? 

Open up a new internet window.  Go to google.  Type in the following phrases:

online dating statistics scary
rate my dating profile
play a country song backwards (you have to scroll down a bit for this one)
I’ve had the most views (18) with the search term “online dating statistics” 
10 views for “diamond the rapper” 
7 for “when you play a country song backwards” 
6 for “weight watchers sweet potato soup” 
5 for “wide condoms”
3 for “chocolate blender pie”
2 for “1994 senior prom music”
1 for “what do you think of your parents?+ipod”

My most popular post so far, in terms of views, is “More scary statistics about online dating,” with 108 views.  Other top posts, in order, are:

What do you get when you play a country song backwards? – 68 views
My rapper name is Diamond Love – 66 views
3 strikes, you’re out – 38 views
Rate my Dating Profile- PLEASE! – 32 views
The Wide World of Condoms – 31 views
Text sex on a first date? – 25 views

So my question is…who the hell is Diamond, the rapper?  Excuse me, I must go google…


One response to “What are YOU looking for?

  1. Or, as our President would say, you have to “go do the Google”.