Happily Ever After

You know how when you’re in high school, you write your name using your boyfriends last name? You know, like I dated Andy Eckert, so I would write my name as “Sara Eckert.”  Perfect teacher name, right?  Oh, come one, admit it, you did it too!!  Every girl does it – I think we’re hardwired that way.

So, what’s the equivalent now that we’re “grown-ups”?  I think it’s shopping for homes online.  I caught myself on my favorite realtor’s website, searching for homes that I like that I think would be in HIS price range.  Insane, right??  Yeah, totally.  I admit it.  Girls are whako.

Do I think this is the guy?  Not necessarily.  But it would be easy.  Entirely too easy.  So now I wonder if I’m scared because it’s TOO easy (I’m prone to that disease) or if it’s simply not right.

It’s so hard to tell sometimes. 


2 responses to “Happily Ever After

  1. One thing I have seen for awhile is shopping for the engagement ring.

    Funny thing … I don’t think we do stuff like that. I think I’m gonna fight it tooth & nail until the end. No early house hunting, ring shopping, or anything until I’m ready to propose.

  2. Um, please email me and tell me about the guy that has you shopping for future homes! I would think shopping for rings, homes or writing out baby names…all crazy things we women do when infatuated.
    And just because you can see yourself easily falling for someone doesn’t make it not right…it shouldn’t be so hard in the first place. But that is a scary feeling.