Training, Day 2

Tuesday, January 29th
Abs & Back – Core Training:  25 minutes
Athletic Conditioning – football drills: 55 minutes

4 responses to “Training, Day 2

  1. I hurt just reading about training day 2. Reason number 506 you’re much skinnier and in better shape than me. Keep it up; you’re such an inspiration!

  2. football drills for almost an hour? Seriously. You are going to kick my ass. And look better in shorts.

  3. What the heck are “football drills” anyway? I’m guessing it does not have to do with watching the Superbowl or eating chips.

  4. delightfuleccentric

    Um, let’s see…we did sprints, and tires, and pushups and situps, and windmills and wood choppers (man, talk about killing your hamstrings!!), jacks, shuffles….It’s a great class, burns about 550 calories an hour. My favorite of all my Athletic Conditioning classes!