Training Day

Jen and I have decided to train for the Cooper River Bridge Run.  It’s a 10k in Charleston in April.  I’m a little scared, but excited as hell – it’ll be a great challenge for me to complete it (and just in time for my 32nd birthday!).  My goal right now is 1:15…but my real goal (the one that is just outrageously high) is under an hour (59 minutes and 59 seconds counts!).  I say outrageously high because mile 1.6 to mile 3 is uphill at a 4% grade the whole way.  That’s going to kill my time, even if I CAN run up the whole thing.  But maybe with enough training….  I’m going to start putting training updates up here, to keep me accountable – start yelling at me if I stop, okay?  (As if Jen won’t give me a hard enough time!) 🙂


Monday, January 28th
Weights at lunch
Run:  30 minutes, 2.25 miles, 1% incline on the treadmill (note to self – even 2 hours isn’t enough time for food to digest)
Bike:  10 minutes, 2 miles. Ack.

One response to “Training Day

  1. I’m so excited about this! I think that running outside is going to kick my ass since I’m used to running on a treadmill…yes, with an incline…but the treadmill does all the pacing for you.
    Also found out the my brother in law and sister in law both signed up. Should be a fun weekend!