Deal Breakers

I’m doing an exercise where I’m listing out my deal breakers.  Don’t play dumb, you know what I’m talking about – those things that a man (or woman) might do that leave a bad taste in your mouth (if your deal breaker is bad breath, that’s literally).

So I’m working through my list, and I know I’m forgetting some things.  So I turn to the internet for inspiration.  And you know what?  There’s surprisingly few good lists out there.

Here’s a good article.  He opens the door to a restaurants and walks in ahead of you: Definite deal breaker.  He sings out of tune:  who cares?  A fanny pack:  deal breaker.

Here’s a message board.  Oh – owning Michael Bolton CD’s: that might be a deal breaker.

It’s been a popular topic on Yahoo Answers.  I think my favorite answer comes from Jewel, who says her deal breaker is “DEATH.”

And then I found this.

One of my deal breakers are scary eyes – you know, eyes that just make you think:  “Psycho!”  Another:  someone who is skinnier than me.  If he can fit in my jeans, he’s out.

So, what’s your deal breaker???

2 responses to “Deal Breakers

  1. One of my top deal breakers is definitely bad breath. I had a fabulous boyfriend who began to develop bad breath when he got into the habit of smoking — at first I didn’t know what to do – I loved him but was so bothered by this. I finally told him and talked to him and gave him therabreath. ( It cured his bad breath and now our relationship is better than ever.

  2. My top dealbreaker is somoene that talks on thier phone or texts during a date….total no no!! I put my phone on silent when I go on a date and expect the same respect.