Recent Read – Chick-Lit

The Next Big Thing, by Johanna Edwards

Six overweight women compete on a reality show to lose the most weight.  It’s chick-lit, so don’t expect Jane Austen, but it was a good, mindless read.  Easy to get through, and your garden variety ending.  The main character, Kat, continues to do and say things on camera that make you cringe – because you know reality shows edit the heck out of everything to make you seem like the type of person they want the world to see.  There’s romance, of course, and budding friendships (and hatreds), and self-realization.  All the makings of a future movie, I’m sure.

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One response to “Recent Read – Chick-Lit

  1. One of the women in my book club has suggested this book a couple of times. It hasn’t been selected yet, but it sounds a little fluffier than what we normally go for. It does seem like it would make a cute movie.