Nice, revisited

Remember this?  Well, there have been several more nice dates with the same guy – we’re going to call him Nice Guy for the time being.  (I’ve found, when dating a bunch of people online, it’s easier to name them all something.)

Back to Nice Guy.  He’s super sweet.  And not in a weird or bad way.  He’s genuinely a good guy.  We get along well, our conversations are great.  I know – it sounds like I have “but” voice.  I don’t, I swear.  But…I do.

We’ve been on four dates now.  It’s been great.  And I’m not a “third date rule” kind of girl, I believe that you proceed to the next step when it feels right…but we haven’t even progressed to second base.  And, I haven’t felt the desire to correct that.  Which worries me.  Shouldn’t I be feeling SOMETHING?


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