The Wide World of Condoms

I had to buy condoms the other day.  Not that they will be needed anytime in the immediate future, but a girl should always be prepared.  So, I’m standing there perusing my options and I see this.

Wow, I guess it has been a while since I bought condoms.  I had been wondering if I should get lubricated, spermicide treated, or ribbed – I had already ruled out magnum (because, what if he doesn’t need them, and besides, if he needs magnum he should really bring his own), climax control (wouldn’t that be insulting?) and extra sensitive (what if the climax control is needed?).  Now I find out there’s another option available – vibrating condoms?  Because when I first saw them, that’s what I thought – that the condom itself actually vibrated.  How does it do that, I wondered.  Upon further investigation, I found out that it wasn’t actually a condom choice.

You can buy sex toys at Wal-Mart now?!  I mean, of course, you always could – cucumbers, massage wands, etc.  But this is actually a battery operated device specifically designed to enhance sexual pleasure!

FYI – the Vibrating Ring cannot be sold in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, or Virginia.  I’m guessing because of some sort of sex toy law (silly politicians – you know they break all those laws at home…or in the hotel).

Oh, by the way, “this is not a toy for children” because it “contains small parts that may present a choking…hazard for children.”  Yet another example of words that should not be used in the same sentence, when you consider the designated location of said device.

(heehee – I get to tag another post “sex” – let’s see what it does to the traffic here…)

Happy “condom” shopping!

3 responses to “The Wide World of Condoms

  1. so, my sister in law SWEARS by these babies. Not to be TMI lady or anything, but she says they give her the best orgasms of her life. I have not yet tried them as I don’t tend to have trouble in that department anyway….but what’s wrong with a little extra stimulation?

  2. And I was considering moving to Virginia. Might have to re-think that.

  3. Damn!! They don’t have those here in Texas….can I make an order online? 😉