Went to see a promo viewing of Juno tonight.  Let’s see, how to describe it…

Great.  Awesome.  Fun.  Funny.  Poignant (don’t you just love that word?).  Funny.  Wait, did I already say that? 

Let’s just say, I’m going to have to watch it again to catch everything, because people were laughing so loud they were drowning out the dialogue. 

Oh, and it’s going to be one of those infinitely quotable movies. 

Excuse me, I have to start my Christmas wishlist for next year….(DVD’s:  Juno)

2 responses to “Juno

  1. Where is Juno playing?? I have wanted to see this movie from the minute I saw an online ad. If you need someone to see it again with – I’m in!

  2. Rodney and I saw the promo too. It was great and not just because we saw the promo for Sweeny Todd the night before and thought, “Wow! That’s two hours I won’t get back. Thank God, it was free.” Juno=two thumbs up. Sweeny Todd=two thumbs down (way down)