Don’t you just love a good first date?  I’ve had a lot of good first dates that have amounted to nothing, so you wouldn’t think I would be that enthusiastic about a good first date.  But I am.  I love a good first date.  One of those dates that goes on for hours, and you just talk and talk and talk, and it’s not awkward, and it just feels so nice.  I know “nice” is usually a bad term, like “fine,” but I mean, really, really nice. 

Yes, I had a good first date tonight.  Four hours, talk talk talktalktalk.  It was good.  We’ll see…

One response to “Nice

  1. aw, glad you had a good date. those are nice where you don’t have to keep coming up with different questions to ask to keep the conversation going. Hope there is also a good 2nd date.