I’m an addict

I get on to wordpress.com and browse through recent posts.  It’s quite interesting what I find.  I’m usually just looking for something that’s familiar.  What’s more interesting than the posts, sometimes, is how often people post with certain tags.  I think some sociologist/psychologist/grad student somewhere should do a study on what people blog about most.

Now, of course, this number is constantly changing, but within the last hour there have been:

33 posts tagged Life
10  tagged Love
2  tagged Relationships
13 tagge Religion
32 tagged News
24 tagged Politics
13 tagged Family
9 tagged Writing
5 tagged Money
0 tagged Sex

Are you as suprised as I am about that last one?  For some reason, I thought that number would be higher.

(tagging this one with sex, just because) 🙂

2 responses to “I’m an addict

  1. nubianboudoir

    I have one entry tagged sex, and it has the highest number of hits! It’s not an explicit account of a hot romp though, so I might have disappointed those who clicked on it. I would have expected love to have a higher number.

    While tag surfing, I look for something familiar yes, but also something different. I try to learn something new everyday!

  2. delightfuleccentric

    Yep, I got a lot more hits on this post, presumably because of the “sex” tag. Interesting…makes me want to tag everything “sex,” just to get the hits. :0)