Shattered Illusions

If you don’t watch How I Met Your Mother, you should.  Get over the Bob Saget voice-over – I did.  And the main character – the one who met the kids’ mother – I can never remember his name.  This show is the new Will & Grace, where the supporting cast totally makes the show.  Doogie Howser is hysterical, and Willow (sorry, I’m a Buffy fan, she’ll always be Willow) and Robin are great. 

(Sorry – yes, I’ve had a glass of wine…or two.)

Okay, so, How I Met Your Mother – tonight’s episode was about shattered illusions.  When you’re completely in love with someone, you don’t necessarily see their flaws.  You see the world, and your significant other, through rose colored glasses.  You don’t realize that she chews loudly, or that he sings everything, or that he corrects everything you say, or that she uses the wrong word every other sentence.  Or, maybe it’s that you don’t realize it, it’s that you don’t care.

And then…

And then, the rose tint wears off your glasses, and those things irk you to no end. 

I have perfected the art of getting over men.  You know, those instances where you’re still infatuated with a person who no longer cares for you.  It’s really quite easy – enumerate every flaw that person has, and you begin to wonder why you ever loved that person. 

I have a very good friend, D, and we had this weird relationship once upon a time.  He liked me, but I didn’t like him.  Then he got a girlfriend, and I liked him.  Then he liked me again, but I didn’t like him. Back and forth, back and forth.  The last time, I got over my “love” by enumerating his flaws – he often burped slightly while speaking, and his voice really annoyed me.  By the time he got around to liking me again, I was completely over him.  We’re still great friends, and I love him to death – just not in that way.

And then, there are the times it doesn’t work.  When his voice annoys you, or the way he drives makes you completely crazy, or you want to slap him when he smacks his gum, and you are aggravated to no end – but all of that makes you smile at the same time. 

Because you love him.  And his flaws. 


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  1. His name is Ted. 🙂 I adore this show.