My rapper name is Diamond Love

I spent the day on this site, taking surveys and finding out about myself. 

My karaoke theme song:  Margaritaville

My superpower should be:  Mind Reading (heh, heh – cool)

I am probably not pregnant (funniest part about this one – evidently being between 20-29 has something to do with your pregnancy probability – as does having a positive pregnancy test recently.  Odd.)

My kiss is black.  According to the quiz, my kisses are “amazing,” my kissing type is thoughtful, people see my kisses as “amazingly unreal,” and I kiss best with a Pink Kisser.  Guys, take the quiz – let me know if you’re pink. 😉

Funny thing about these quizzes – most of them are geared toward women.  I guess you could substitute pronouns (Is she over her ex?  Is she marriage material?), but obviously the people who create these quizzes beleive that women are naturally more introspective then men.  I’m sure there’s a study about that somewhere.  I’ll save that for another day.


2 responses to “My rapper name is Diamond Love

  1. My rapper name is L.A Moohlah. Nice! I always felt a little west coast.

  2. My rapper name is Diamond Wino…hmmm. I did consume copious amounts of alcohol this weekend. Perhaps it’s trying to tell me something.