I am a writer.

I have to force myself to say that.  I am a writer. 

Writing is not like other things.  Everyone, when it comes down to it, is a writer.  Do you write emails?  You’re a writer.  A five year old is a writer.  Anyone can write.  It doesn’t make you Hemingway, or Dickens, or Rice.

Of course, when you publicly declare, “I am a writer,” people will automatically say something along the lines of, “Oh, really?  Anything I might have read?” 

“Well, no, I’m not actually published.” 


But I am a writer.  I’ve written a book.  I’ve written poems, and short stories, and blog entries.  I am a writer.

And with luck, one day, you will see my name on the spine of a book at Barnes & Noble.


One response to “I am a writer.

  1. I’ve always thought it would be insanely cool to write a book and see it at a bookstore. So, congrats on being a “writer”…i hear admitting it is the first step. 🙂