35 and Single

Stop counting.  You’re right – I’m not 35.  But I’m getting close. (Channeling When Harry Met Sally:  “I’m gonna be 40!”  “When?”  “Someday!”)

 There was a discussion on the radio the other day about which is worse/scarrier/more of a red flag:  a 35 year old single man, or a 35 year old single woman.  Hmmmm……

 Evidently, if a woman is 35, pretty, smart, and single, with a good job, good friends, and a good outlook on life, “chances are, something is wrong with her.”

But I thought 35 was the new 25?

7 responses to “35 and Single

  1. If a woman is 35, smart, single, and comes complete with a happy heart and good friends, then I’m guessing she has yet to meet a man who really impresses her, who is someone she really admires. When a girl’s got it together, she should refuse to settle for anything less than the best.
    I’ve heard a lot of commentary on speed dating recently. Supposedly, events are full of cool, professional women and employed, polished guys..might be worth checking out??

  2. 35 and single IS scary. I am 31 and newly single – and hating every moment of it (especially when she has two friends who can’t stop talking about their loves). Then again, this V-day I will spend with new Burberry boots and a very strong/dry martini. Better then last year with the ex!

  3. I am 31 and single and kind of fabulous. It’s horrible the way we are made to feel in my opinion. I wrote a blog about it. Check it out if you want. http://bigandsmallfreckles.wordpress.com/category/dating-life/

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  5. I don’t think there is something wrong with her. Everything is circumstance and timing. Maybe she just didn’t want to get married just to get married. Maybe she was in a long term relationship that didn’t work out. I don’t think because she is 35 and single there is something wrong. There might be something right.

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  7. i am 38 and single and there is nothing wrong with me. … i was in a long term relationship….10 years.. and he was bipolar. i couldn’t take it anymore. he married the woman he cheated on me with and they appear happy. i am dealing with being single but it sucks. anyone who tells you it doesn’t isn’t being honest. i used to be one of the the one’s… but give it time. if it doesn’t suck yet… it will!